Our Business

May 22, 2016

crlogosmCarika Private limited is an establishment of business enterprise, based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, involved in the activities of providing services to the clients.

Our business has a segment of Services caters in field of Tourism, Media, Goods marketing and Consultancy.

Our services include the Package tours of India and Overseas with the land arrangement, Car rental, Air Tickets and other travel convenience products.

Carika Private limited also provide assistance in Goods marketing, branding, and consulting with combined community support in product developments with skilled year experienced people with an interest in the arts, fashion, fair ,trading, cultural and social activities.

The emphasis on empowerment of Women and Environmental Consciousness, we do product marketing and export which are Handmade and made by natural resources involving women power. Such as Organic Yarn Hand-loom Products, Embroideries, Organic Dyes, Natural Essential Oils, Organic Spices etc.

We act as buying agents to our overseas buyers who are looking for the goods from India, which involve from the sampling, sourcing, OEM, inspection and Shipment.